Saturday, May 2, 2009

A little historical background of cash gifting

The principle of “Gifting” has been proven as an effective model for creating prosperity very quickly for many people who practice it. Although the concept of “Gifting” has helped thousands of people prosper around the world, it has also been blemished over the years through various “Scams” & “Get Rich Quick” pyramid schemes.

“Gifting” as a concept for building wealth and prosperity became popular in the early 1970’s with a single elderly woman. After hearing about a family at her church (that was about to lose their home because of major financial problems) decided to do something about it.

Coming from the bible belt and being part of some traditional “Barn Raisings” (where an entire town would come together and help a family in need by donating their resources) she decided to urge members of her church to give “Cash Gifts” to help out the desperate family.Within 24 hours the family emergency was over and they had enough money to save their home (as well as received several job offers from other church members) all because of the group dynamic of “selfless giving” without any expectation of return.

The concept worked so well that even the “Scam Artists” of the 1970’s pyramid schemes took advantage of this prosperity building principle. These “Scam Artists” gave the FTC good reason to warn people away from the “Pyramid Ponzi Schemes” that became very popular in the past.
In the late 1990’s “Cash Gifting” again became a popular concept embraced by more church and private groups than ever before. And with the advent of the Internet and the popularity of working from home, a global “Cash Gifting” phenomenon had begun. Today we have over 50,000 members in our community in over 20 countries worldwide.

As an internet-based cash gifting activity, Abundant Living System gives you the opportunity to see incredible results in much less time than with traditional home-based programs available today. By using cutting-edge technology we have developed a unique system that allows you to cut the time you spend actually “working” down to a fraction of what most people spend in a typical home-based opportunity.

All of the tools ALS makes available to members have been carefully tested and proven! Our system has proven to be effective to ensure that your efforts & participation in our program generate the absolute fastest results.

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